Key Feature List

Note that many of the following features are only available in the Professional Edition of the product. To see which features are available in each edition, please refer to the Feature Comparison page.

User Interface

ActiveDataTools has a clean, modern user interface, based on Microsoft® Office 2007. Features are grouped in to logical tabs on the simple to use, ribbon toolbar.

Data Cleansing Operations

With over 30 basic data cleansing functions, such as Trim Space, Remove Non-Printable Characters, etc., ActiveDataTools helps you quickly tidy-up your data, ensuring compatibility with the highest number of other systems.

AutoFilter, Sorting & Groups

ActiveDataTools allows you to quickly group your data based on repeating values, filter by example and sort on multiple columns, so that you can quickly organise and find the data you are looking for.

Find and Replace

Using the powerful find and replace functions, you can quickly search for text at the start, middle or end of a column and replace with other text. You can search a single column or the entire database.


ActiveDataTools has easy-to-use yet powerful query tools. Features include "select and highlight", "select and copy", "select and delete", "select and move".


Very often your data contains duplicates that need to be removed. ActiveDataTools includes powerful de-duplication features, such as "one-click dedupe". You can also select and highlight duplicates (with or without the original rows) for further analysis before you make a decision to delete them.

Send Bulk SMS

If you want to send bulk text messages (SMS) to your clients, staff or contacts, ActiveDataTools makes it really simple. Simply choose the field that contains the mobile number and let the system do the rest. Using this powerful feature, you can send out tens of thousands of messages easily and quickly. Also, we've negotiated great rates on credit packs, so it's really cost effective too!
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Send Bulk SMS Messages


Time to go home? No problem - simply save your environment as a workspace and ActiveDataTools will remember what you were doing and what datasets you were working with. And when tomorrow comes, just open the workspace back up to continue exactly where you left off.


ActiveDataTools has an incredibly powerful bookmarking feature that enables you to place multicoloured bookmark icons next to specific rows. You can then sort, filter, group or edit bookmarked rows. For instance, you have a list of customers that you want to bookmark based on their region (Red for North, Blue for South, etc.) This visual guide helps you work with and partition data more effectively.

Data Conversion Wizard

ActiveDataTools allows you to convert many data formats to other formats. Hundreds of combinations are possible. For example, you can convert a Google Docs spreadsheet to a CSV file and you can convert an HTML table (in a webpage) to an Excel worksheet.


Often you will have numerous CSV (or any other flat text format) files that you need to merge in to a single file. Or you'll have a huge file that you want to split into several files. ActiveDataTools can help you with a simple, quick wizard. It will even take care of the header lines for you.

Send To

ActiveDataTools has a number of "Send To" destinations, such as Clipboard, FTP server or Email Recipient, which are designed specifically to improve your workflow and speed up your daily routine.

Basic Editing Operations

As well as the basic editing operations (like cut, copy and paste), ActiveDataTools includes a wealth of time-saving editing features like AutoFill, QuickSelect and much more.

Data Entry Form

If a grid is not your thing, ActiveDataTools has a fully customisable data entry screen that dynamically adjusts itself to suit whatever list of columns you have. You can drag and drop fields on-screen to design the perfect layout. The data entry screen helps you entry data rapidly and review existing data easily.

View Customisation

There are many ways to customise the environment. For example, you can decide which panels you want on-screen and which ones you don't (they pop out when needed and disappear when not). Using drag and drop, you can decide which data columns you want at any one time and you can even choose how the user interface looks from list of themes.

Column Protection

So that you do not accidentally delete or change certain data, you can protect columns to prevent them from being edited.

Data Types

ActiveDataTools supports strings, date and times, numbers and boolean (yes/no) fields. In the summary row below the grid, you can quickly see maximum, minimum or average values for number fields and date and time columns.

Schema Operations

ActiveDataTools has a wealth of features to help you manage your dataset's schema quickly and easily. You can add, rename and delete columns, duplicate columns and rows (with or without data) and duplicate whole tables and/or schema.

Split Into New Tables

Have you ever had a spreadsheet that you needed to split into different lists? Perhaps you have a list of customers you want to distribute to their area managers, based on region, etc. This can be a real pain. Fortunately, ActiveDataTools has three different ways to quickly split data:

  • Split by number of rows
  • Split by value
  • Split into equal sheets

Using these operations, you can create up to 30 worksheets based on data contained in the original.

Remove Blanks (cols/rows)

As you start manipulating and cleansing your data, you may often find that you are left with some blank columns and rows. Rather than having to sift through your data, ActiveDataTools has a one-click removal feature that removes any blank columns and rows, saving you time.

Make Headers/Row

When importing a file (such as CSV or Tab format), you may forget to specify whether the file has headers or not. You may then be left with column names that are actually the first row in the file (or you are left with column names in row 1). ActiveDataTools has a one-click fix for these problems.


ActiveDataTools lets you create calculated columns based on simple expressions. For example, you can use this feature to create a calculated "Tax" or "Total" column.

Format Dates & Times

When working with data compiled by other people, you will often come across dates and times in different formats. For example, one user may input "19-MAY-2010" and another user may type "May 19, 2010". ActiveDataTools can recognise dozens of culture-specific date formats and can reformat them in to a single, consistent output.

Format People's Names

Very often, when working with datasets containing people's names, you will come across situations where the whole name is entered in to a single field. This can be difficult and frustrating, especially when you need to run a mail merge. ActiveDataTools has a powerful feature that can identify and split up names in to component parts (Title, First, Middle, Last). [ read blog ]
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Data Validation

ActiveDataTools includes a suite of data validation functions, for dates and times, numbers, strings and more. Can and also use regular expressions to validate data. Any validation errors are displayed in the validation window, allowing easy tracking and correction.

Test Data Generation

If you are a developer or software tester (or you want to stress-test your IT systems), ActiveDataTools can help you generate huge amounts of incredibly realistic test data, very quickly. There are built-in templates for strings, numbers, IDs, names and addresses, telephone numbers, zip & postal codes, credit card numbers, products, company names and many more. In addition to the built-in templates, you can also create your own lists. [ read blog ] [ watch video ]

Output Templates

Output Templates offer an extremely powerful way to generate textual output from your data, in any format you require. For example, if you have a large list of usernames and passwords, you may wish to create a .htaccess file for your website or you may wish to create a PowerShell script to add these users to a Sql Server database. Output Templates let you achieve these tasks, as well as hundreds of others, quickly and easily.

Plugin Library

ActiveDataTools is a highly modular system and can be extended through the use of downloadable plugins. Please check out our plugin library to see our ever-growing list of plugins.

Database Formats

ActiveDataTools can retrieve data from a wide variety of database systems, including Client/Server DBMS and file-based systems.

Supported Systems

  • SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • Firebird
  • Interbase
  • Mimer
  • MySql
  • PostgreSQL
  • Sybase
  • Access
  • Paradox
  • dBase
  • SQLite
  • VistaDB
  • Most .NET Provider datasources (Factory)
  • Most OleDb datasources
  • Most ODBC datasources

Note that some data sources require a driver or separate client (such as Oracle).

Visual Query Builder

ActiveDataTools includes a powerful visual query builder that allows you to connect directly to your database system, create advanced parameterised SQL queries and retrieve matching results in to a new worksheet. Using the visual query builder, you can join multiple tables and views, decide which columns you require and choose a sort order.

File Formats

In addition to database sources, ActiveDataTools can open a wide variety of common file formats, such as CSV, Tab, Pipe, XML, HTML and many more. It also supports popular commercial and open formats such as Microsoft ® Office, Exchange, SharePoint OpenOffice, and RSS/Atom.

Other Data Sources

ActiveDataTools can open a number of system and network data sources, such as Active Directory, the Windows file system, WMI and more. These features are perfect for working with lists of users, files or system resources.


Data can be easily printed and print-previewed. You can also add your own headers and footers to the print out and choose your formatting settings.

Pivot Grids

ActiveDataTools includes a powerful pivot grid feature, which helps you to summarise and visualise your data in very effective ways. Using simple drag and drop commands, you can quickly summarise data and create multi-dimensional models of key information.

Bulk Email

Ever need to send an email to your entire customer base? ActiveDataTools makes this easy with its powerful new bulk email facilities. Simply select the field that contains the To address, Subject and Message and away you go!


ActiveDataTools provides you with an extremely powerful report writer so you can create your own, multi-banded reports. The report writer allows you to create groups and subgroups, summaries and calculations, headers and footers and even columns and sub-reports. The ActiveDataTools report writer also gives you the ability to generate barcodes from your data, draw shapes and insert images for the ultimate professional look. Reports can be saved, printed or exported to a wide variety of formats, including PDF, Excel and HTML.


Any worksheet in ActiveDataTools can be saved as a template for later re-use. When saving worksheets as a template, you can decide whether you want to have a blank template or include the data. This is useful when you often find yourself working with the same basic data. You can also save templates as .NET compatible XML schema files.


ActiveDataTools includes a large number of ways to select your data. In addition to multi-row selections and full-column selections, you can also select discontiguous cells, even or odd rows, random rows and cells, matching or non-matching cells, similar cells, expand selection to full rows and many more.

Copy and Move Cells/Rows

When you create a selection range, you can quickly create a new worksheet from the chosen data. Gone are the days of having to cut/copy, create new worksheet and paste! It's all done with a single click of the mouse.

Split & Merge Columns

ActiveDataTools includes powerful ways to split or merge columns. For instance, you can split columns in to two or more columns based on its contents (such as occurrence of semicolon) or you can perform a full text-to-columns operation. You can also quickly merge columns together (with an optional separator string), without having to learn any complicated string functions.

Spell Check

ActiveDataTools includes a super-fast spell check facility that enabled you to correct the spelling of chosen cells. The English language is installed by default but other languages can be downloaded and added.

Data Reader

ActiveDataTools provides you with a text-to-speech data reader. This powerful tool reads out loud the data you select. As it reads, the system highlights and tracks the words on-screen so you can see exactly which cell it is reading. This feature is useful when you wish to compare data on-screen with printed data: You can focus on the printed data and let the computer read the on-screen version to you.


Forget those complicated V-Lookup formulae; ActiveDataTools has a simple-to-use V-Lookup wizard that takes you through a few simple steps. The V-Lookup feature allows you to match data in one worksheet with data in another. In addition, the V-Lookup feature in ActiveDataTools lets you to bring multiple fields from the source sheet in to the destination sheet.


ActiveDataTools has a range of basic statistics features (such as column summaries) that help you understand your data more effectively.

The statistics panel shows you useful information like lowest number, highest number and first string alphabetically, etc.

The statistics can be printed and can also be saved to a range of output formats, such as Excel, HTML and CSV, etc.

Logic & Relations

When working with data, you will often need to find relationships between two datasets. ActiveDataTools has a powerful relation engine that helps you find these relationships visually. Using a "Venn diagram" approach, the system can:

  • Merge all items in Worksheet A with those in Worksheet B
  • Find all items in Worksheet A that are not in Worksheet B
  • Find all items in Worksheet B that are not in Worksheet A
  • Find all items in Worksheet A that are also in Worksheet B
  • Find all items in Worksheet A or Worksheet B but not both

Unit Conversions

ActiveDataTools has a range of unit conversion operations, enabling you to convert values in temperature, length, area, volume, speed, etc. You can also convert roman numerals, numbers to words and words to numbers.

Misc String Operations

ActiveDataTools provides you with a wealth of miscellaneous string operations, such as random string generation (great for passwords), encryption/decryption, MIME encoding/decoding, string reversal and anagram generation.

Format UK Bank Sort Codes

If you have a worksheet containing UK bank details, the sort codes may be in two different formats (00-00-00 or 000000). ActiveDataTools lets you format this data consistently. Any invalid sort code entries are flagged on-screen for review. In addition, using its extremely powerful plugin, ActiveDataTools can perform full bank account validation and can even tell you if a bank account can accept direct debits and standing orders (UK only).

Format Numbers

ActiveDataTools enables you to quickly format numbers consistently down an entire column. You can decide if you want currency symbols, digit grouping and decimal places. Any invalid numbers are flagged on-screen for review.


How many ways can you say "yes"? "True", "Yes", "YES", "Y", "y", "1", "OK", "Y E S". If you work with survey data you will often find that there are dozens of ways to say "Yes"! The Categorizer helps solve this problem. Simply decide which responses you want "Yes", "No" & "Maybe" and then map all the variants to one of these three responses. ActiveDataTools will then map all responses to your key ones. This makes your data consistent and speeds up statistical analysis. Of course, the Categorizer is not limited to this: you can use it to map any kind of response to a predefined list.

Version Checker

ActiveDataTools is constantly evolving and to help you stay up-to-date, it checks for new versions each time it runs. You can download minor releases at any time. The system will also monitor your plug-ins to ensure you have the most recent version.