A Guide to Installing ActiveDataTools 2011

This knowledge base article takes you step-by-step through the process of downloading and installing ActiveDataTools 2011.

Before downloading

Before you download and install, please ensure that your system meets the minimum specification. See the system requirements page.

How to download

To download the product, visit the Downloads page, fill in the required details in the form and then click the Submit button.

We will then send you an email containing a link to the download, which is a single executable file (.EXE). Download this file on to your computer (e.g. on to your Desktop or Downloads folder).

Installing ActiveDataTools

Run the downloaded file. You may receive a warning from Windows that you should ensure it is safe to run (particularly in Vista and Windows 7). Our software is tested daily to ensure it remains virus-free, but feel free to run virus checkers/security software as appropriate. If you are happy with the results of your virus scan, then confirm the messages in Windows and continue.

The software will begin to unpack itself in to a temporary folder on your computer.

After this, the installer makes sure that your system has the necessary pre-requisites installed (such as Microsoft's .NET Framework). Any missing pre-requisites are installed automatically, if possible.

You will then be presented with the welcome page of the installer. Read the instructions and then click Next to move on to the license agreement.

You need to accept the license agreement if you wish to install ActiveDataTools.

The installer will then ask you where you want to install the software. It will default to your Program Files folder, which on most computers, is located in "c:\Program Files\".

You can either accept the default (recommended) or specify an alternative location here.

Then you are asked to confirm your settings. If you made a mistake in the previous section, click Back to correct it now, else click the Next button to begin installation.

The software will then begin to install. The progress of the installation is displayed. Please note that installation can take a long time, especially if a System Restore Point is triggered (default behaviour).

Once the installation has completed, the summary page will be displayed. Click Close finish.

You may now run ActiveDataTools. To do this, click the Windows Start Button, choose the Active Data Tools folder and then click ActiveDataTools 2011.