About Us

Active Data Tools Limited is a privately-held software company specialising in the development of software products that make life a little easier for professional people. Our focus is on data management, cleansing and correction.

Our key product, ActiveDataTools, was developed in order to make our own lives a little easier. As professional software developers, technical people and business managers, we often found ourselves needing to work with data in all kinds of different formats. Formatting and working with this data usually left us frustrated and really quite bored!

So we decided to create a tool (or rather a collection of tools) that could open, convert, cleanse, correct, manipulate and manage bucket loads of different data easily.

The result was spectacular - our productivity went through the roof. Over the last couple of years we’ve added more and more tools to our kitbag, ensuring that ActiveDataTools continues to save us hour upon hour of tedious manual work every single week.

And now we have decided to share our little secret with the world and release ActiveDataTools. We hope you find our products as useful as we do and look forward to you becoming our next customer very soon.

Best wishes,

Simon Goldstone
Managing Director

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Comprehensive information about us and our products is available on our Press Kit page.


As a company, we appreciate the help and support others have given us. We would like to take a moment to publicly thank those organisation and people.

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