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ActiveDataTools 2011 Released!

We're delighted to announce that ActiveDataTools 2011 has been released and is available for immediate download. This release contains a wealth of new features, including Venn-diagram style relations, SMS text messaging, report writing and much more.

See the feature list for complete information about what's available in this release.

Data cleansing 101: Splitting people’s names

It always drives me mad: Why do software developers/database designers ever create data sources where a person’s name is forced in to a single field? It’s so frustrating and difficult to work with, especially when you need to manipulate the data later on, especially in mailshots.

Common Scenario: The Marketing Department need a list of all customers who enquired about your product on your website, because they want to run a mailshot. Unfortunately, your web designer wasn’t thinking that day and your enquiry form forces customers’ names in to a single field. You download the data from your FTP site and set up the mailshot. Now everybody gets an introduction like “Dear MR BOB D SMITH”.

Fortunately, there is a very simple solution. Launch ActiveDataTools, import the data, select the name field and click the Split People’s Names feature.

ActiveDataTools splits each customer’s name in to its constituent parts, like Title, First name, Middle name(s) and Last Name. The system can format tens of thousands of names like this in a few seconds.

Watch the following video for a brief demonstration:

(Ps, sorry about the dodgy computerised voice over man – my throat was too sore!)

To find out more about about ActiveDataTools, visit the website at or download our 14 day trial.

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