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Importing/exporting OpenOffice Calc data

We're pleased to announce that our OpenOffice Calc interface is now available for immediate download.

This interface enables you to read and write OpenOffice Calc Files (*.ods).

To download the module, run ActiveDataTools and click on the File menu and then Check Version. When the version dialog appears, go to the Plugins tab and download the "Desktop Applications" plugin.

You will then be able to load/save OpenOffice Calc files.

New Export to Microsoft Access feature released

I am pleased to tell you that we've released an update to the "Export to Microsoft Access" module. Using this new feature, you can export the data in an open worksheet to a new table in an existing Microsoft Access database (97-2010 supported).

Next time you run ActiveDataTools, you should get a "new version" popup message.

Click on the pop up to display the version dialog.

Click on the Plugins tab and then set the action for the module to "Download". Click on the Download Now button.

When the module has been downloaded, you will be asked to install it and then restart ActiveDataTools.

Once you have completed this operation, you will now be able to export data to Microsoft Access.

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